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Using The DEN

The basic idea behind The DEN is that students shouldn't have to pay full price for parts they are buying and only using for one term. Not only does it waste perfectly good parts, but it gets expensive! The DEN fixes that. Once you are done with a project for the term, rather than letting it collect dust, you donate reusable parts back into The DEN.

Why would I donate my parts?

Well first, because you are a wonderful person. Secondly, because you probably got a lot of your parts for your project from The DEN in the first place. By donating your parts back into The DEN, you will continue building the DEN's inventory, making it more useful for everyone.

What if I want to keep what I borrow?

That's fine! We understand, it's your project after all. Each part or piece of equipment in The DEN has a fine associated with it. If you choose to keep a part you borrow, you will be required to pay the fine. Fines are based on the cost of replacing a piece of equipment (not to punish you!). But let's not get ahead of ourselves, check out Keeping Parts for more details.

How about a 'scope?

Now we're talking! Alright, so The DEN doesn't just have parts, we also stock lots of equipment (not just oscilloscopes) you can borrow at any time! Between old equipment from upgraded labs and brand new donations, The DEN equipment inventory is getting bigger by the day. Why don't you head on over to Equipment to find out more.

I still don't understand

Want more information? Why don't you stop by and ask a few questions? We're always willing to help out in any way we can! It's just a hop, skip and a jump to our Contact page.

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